Read What My Clients Have To Say...

"Dear Jim,
Sharon and I can't begin to thank you enough for the aservices you provided during the sales transaction of our home in San Jose. You exhibited the highest level of integrity throughout the process by doing exactly what you said you would do when you said you would do it!.......
During our several meeting, you privided your expert inout for minor remodeling to yield the maximum sales price....
Only after several days on the market, multiple offers were presented. Your expert knowledge of qualified buyers and real estate negotiations narrowed the field down to one cash offer, resulting in a quick close and 30 day no-rent lease back, which allowed us to close escrow on our new home...
During the sales process, we were pleased how you handled all inspections, counter offers and closing for us, necer sacraficing the necessary terms for our smooth transition from San Jose to Idaho.
Now that we are here, Sharon and I want to continue the friendship we developed during the transaction...Please be assured that we will always refer you to our friends, family and acquaintances.
Sincerely, Jan and Sharon Bento. "
- Jan and Sharon Bento
"Dear Jim,
You must be the mnost patient realtor in the world. We started out journey by looking to move to a larger home in the local area and you came around to look at our home. Your afvice was sound. We had to clear out the place and with your help you listed all of the things that needed attention......Things went on hold and it was pretty daunting to think of all of the work we had infront of us......Six months went by and the work had not been done...We had moved our house 3 hours away and we still had a huge amount of work to be done.....Jim you were a star. You managed the workman and you even filled the pool for us and made sure the house was safe...We had a huge solar syatem on the roof and it was on a 25-year lease and nor many homes being sold with such a system but you worked with the solar company and managed to get all of the paperwork in place. So we closed the sale and pretty much everythjing ewas done remotely until signature day at the title copmpany, amazing! Thanks Jim, we never plan to move again but if we do, we will give you a call and if you have clients who want to hear a story of how hard you work, feel free to shaare this note and our story. All the very best from Sierra Foothills. Colin Constable. "
- Colin Constable
""We want to take a moment to tell you how very much we appreciate all of your help and guidance in selling our house. We had a lot or reccomendations for other realtors, bur knew from day 1 that you were the only realtor for us. You made the sale process almost painledss even though we had severall glitches. Thank you for your wise councel and advice. You not only saved us money on unnecessary improvements but also gave us the inexpensive upgrades that brought in the best price for our home. Forever in your debt. Cheri and Dave Way. ""
- David and Cheri Way
"I have known Jim Mauldwin 10 years and have used him both on a personal sale as well as a family member. I would recommend him highly.
Jim brings a personal touch and caring to his practice. This is above and beyond a meticulous level of professionalism leading clients (both knowing and unknowing) through the process. I typically call Jim first, and his expertise always responds with personal service or a referral out of area or knowledge.
- David Zink Brody